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We do a lot of residential work, and it is something that we really enjoy. When someone’s bathroom does not look how they want it to it can really affect them – it is one of those rooms in the house that you have to use every day, and having to look at something that is in a less than optimum state can be depressing. It may be functional in this state but it isn’t aesthetic and it isn’t inviting, so it isn’t relaxing, and who wants a non-relaxing bathroom? No one.

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An Antique Claw-foot Tub That We Restored

We love taking someone’s bathroom from a state which has been making it hard for them to enjoy and totally turning it around and making it a space that they can use and relax in again. It’s not expensive and it doesn’t take a long time, and the results blow people away. A lot of them have given up hope of really getting what they want and most have been considering replacing their bathroom equipment. We provide them with a real alternative and we give them results that they can see in a really short space of time.

We have built a great reputation over the years because we have a great product and we achieve great results – we give people what they need and want, which is a beautiful looking bathroom with refinished and revitalized surfaces that look absolutely amazing. We give them a space that feels like they are in control again, where they can turn on the water and lie back and relax.



First of all, there should be a better category for this business but it doesn’t exist on Yelp. These guys are really in the tile/tub resurfacing business which is a pretty small niche.

woman-relaxing-in-tub3We had to get our house ready to sell and needed an easy fix for our walk-in, tiled shower that was looking really old. The tiles were chipping and flaking off paint (presumably from a bad fix job in the past) and it just looked bad. I found this company online after searching for “tile resurfacing” and when I called I talked to Mike, the owner. He was great all the way through. He gave me a price quote that was reasonable and right in line with other companies. He was also upfront about what additional costs I might see and he explained the whole process of resurfacing to me.

All in all, it took the better part of a day (10 am – 3:30 pm) but it turned out GREAT. They redid our ugly baby blue tile in a nice, clean white and made everything look perfectly new again. It’s like getting a new shower without having to do all the work of tearing out and reinstalling new tile.

Both Mike (the owner) and his employee, Jared, worked on our bathroom. They were both incredibly friendly and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of redoing their tub/shower and doesn’t want to spend too much money on a complete renovation!” – Kayla W.